Five Forces Causing Worldwide Trumpish Chaos

Overpopulation and global warming are causing spillover.

Our ever-growing population exacerbated by the desertification of large segments of the earth due to global warming and amplified by war is causing the spillover of large groups of peoples into other large groups of people. This stirring of the human pot within the earth’s limited space is like an overcrowded cage of angry rats fighting for survival.

Negative tribalism is on the rise.

The negative offset of positive tribal instincts of cooperation for mutual wellbeing is hate of the “other.” As the earth runs out of space and the instinct for hate is triggered for survival, it makes the perfect incubator for hate mongers like Trump to rise up around the globe.

The “new poor” have reached critical mass in developed countries, especially the US.

For those folks having grown up in mid-twentieth century America when, because of conditions coming out of WWII, much of the world’s manufacturing was concentrated within the US, many came to see this aberration as normal and that life would always continue to get better, which most certainly is not the case. Those days wont return to such a grand state in ten lifetimes. Many from these generations, having lost high paying jobs in industry, are now the “new poor.” And there is no more frustrated and angry poor than the “new poor” who still remember the good times.

Out-of-control technological advancement combined with slow moving democratic governments and the fact that large chunks of peoples can’t keep up one generation after the other is exacerbating income inequality.

Parts of the world’s population, within countries, are financially zooming ahead along with technology advancement, while huge swaths are falling ever farther behind, adding to income inequality. Additionally, the rate of change has simply outpaced the evolutionary degree to which humans are capable of coping with change, which compounds all our difficulties.

And lastly there is what I call the law of probability balance.

Enormous positive social and technological changes have taken place over the last few centuries involving race, gender, sexual relationships and mechanical wonders. And so, because of the law of probability balance (an unwritten but certain law that insists that all that is good must in time be offset by equal bad) as Donald J. Trump’s fat little finger moves ever closer to the nuclear trigger, we approach the final offset of humankind’s fantastic run of existence.