Your probability balance concept as likely stems from the way our minds think as from anything…
John Hopkins

Macro observations are what they are. Stars are born and stars die. It is a fact, having nothing to do with how we think. Wars have alternated with peace forever, having nothing whatsoever to do with how we think.

The seed of distruction is always built into creation. For instance mankind has gone though an enormous period of technical creation over the last few centuries, the destructive offset to that creation rests in silos and submarines around the globe just waiting for the slightest technical or political glitch to permanently offset all that creation. That is a fact, Jack.

As a part of universal creation, mankind cannot escape its law of probability balance. This of course runs counter to our base ego that demands that we are too important to just permanently disappear. But for an intellect that can rise above primitive ego, it knows better.

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