James Ridgeway, you always have such thoughtful and intriguing things to say.
Eric Heller

Nice reply.

I try to deal in cold reality. The problem is that it makes one look like a knee jerk negative. As far as the human flexibility argument goes, the only flaw is that it simply doesn’t match the universal law of probability balance, which time after time history has proven to be true.

For instance peace has always been offset by war, often erratically so, but that fits within the definition of probability balance. It simply comes down to the hard reality that we are creatures of the universe and as such no matter how hard we try we cannot escape its laws.

Our science has been terrific, but unfortunately the nukes are its offset. We have come, on numerous occasions, within a whisker of setting them off and each year it only gets harder to keep the lid on that final offset.

Now our survival mechanism of ego is designed in such a way that makes it almost impossible for folks to conceive of the end of humanity — a hardwired form of optimism. Thus I suppose it’s out of this built in optimism that emanates your rationalization of human flexibility as the escape hatch from which to circumvent the inconvenient law of probability balance. Don’t think so. Bummer! Let’s hope I’m wrong.

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