Mr. Ridgway I enjoy reading what you write, mostly because you steal the words from my mouth but I…
Susan J Fee

Oh, Susan, you have sensory over load. It seems to be quite common these days. It’s like rushing up to the scene of a massive car wreck and quickly being overpowered by the gore. In my personal theory of how the universe works — probability balance — the world of good is always offset at some point in time by the world of bad. Now we humans, as creatures of the universe, are stuck with this nasty balancing system.

So what can we do. Well, though we can’t drastically alter the basic system we can still make a valiant effort to never become part of the negative offsets as does “our” president. Trying to stay on the good side of the balancing equation may not mean much to the universe, but it does seem to mean something — peace of mind — to stay on the good side of karma.

Hang in there. Balance works both ways. Positives are on the way.