The GOP Mired In The Promotion Of Vested Interests That Paul Ryan Laughingly Calls Republican Principles Is Being Overrun By History

With 85 to 90 percent of Americans calling for reasonable improvement of America’s gun laws to help stem the national slaughter, Speaker Ryan gives protesting Democrats the finger and instead of addressing a serious problem about guns tries to override the demonstration on the house floor with a bill that borders on corruption.

The department of labor is trying to protect average folks from unscrupulous money managers who give advice to IRA investors. Basically every time the government tries to protect average Americans from Wall Street sharks, the Street’s political hacks like Ryan go into their routine song and dance about added bureaucracy. Yes, the Republicans are trying to pass a bill that once again will attempt to block the government from protecting the public, which now seems like the GOP’s only function.

The actual fact is that these so called financial advisors are not only potential crooks, but studies have shown their advice to be wasted overhead. An investor will do on average better investing in unmanaged index funds. Fund management is just another Wall Street gimmick for getting into the public’s pockets.

The Republican base feed up with the GOP establishment serving only fat cats is rebelling, but as we see with its backing of the Donald, it does so in all the wrong ways. For years by appealing to the base’s bigotry, the Wall Street shills leading the GOP have gotten fat a sassy. History, however, is currently in the process of overrunning these self-servers as the GOP sets to work tearing itself apart in spectacular fashion.

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