A Unified Theory Of Trump: Why America’s New Radical Right Is Here To Stay
Alexander Hurst

The radical right has always existed in every society — Russia, (only Americans have been taught to see it as the far left), Italy and of course Nazi Germany in the last century. The super conservative right is like dry prairie grass just waiting for a bolt of lightening to set it ablaze.

Going into the American Civil War it was Southern reactionaries out of Charleston South Carolina that set off the greatest holocaust in American history — 600,000 war dead. Then in the 1950’s it was Republican Senator Joe McCarthy spreading fear among the citizenry. And now Donal J. Trump is throwing matches into the tall, crisp grass of American know-nothings.

Because of the ultimate law of probability balance, where creation and good must inevitably be offset by destruction and evil, half the population is forever itching to unleash hate and mayhem when inspired by someone like the Donald to do so.

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