The Trump Bannan Brand Of Intellect

Of course Trump possesses no intellect. He’s nothing more than a sleaze, BS con artist salesman. But because of his persuasive talents (primarily in conjunction with the less sophisticated among us) Stephen Bannan sees the Donald as a most useful tool toward his own devious ends.

What brought this topic to my attention was in watching a cable news show today where I witnessed some guy prattling on about how well read and educated is Bannan — a real intellectual, which indeed is the case.

But the guy was making it sound like Bannan was actually trying to use his enormous knowledge toward some sort of workingman’s benefit, like the Kennedys, Jack and Bobby.

Granted Bannan can certainly be considered a true intellect, but no way is he motivated toward helping the common man. That is his cover. To the contrary Bannan has cleverly weaponized his insights for the purpose of gaining dictatorial power. And so far, via Trump, he is being successful.

Indeed, knowledge is power. But whether power is used for good or for evil depends on the individual. To most well informed, it is clear that Stephen K. Bannan is not on the side of the angles.

And this brings me back to the talking head that I saw this morning. He was making it seem that just because someone has intellectual abilities it should be assumed that he must be directing it toward some sort of positive intention. Yes, that is the situation with most intellectuals, but clearly this is not so with Mr. Bannan. This man is in the business of manipulating fractured egos for political and personal gain.

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