If Your Country Can’t Make Donald Trump Rich, Sorry, He Just Isn't Interested
Allan Ishac

What one sees as reality or objectivity is a battle fought out between one’s ego and intellect. Ego is the base mind. Its primary function is self-preservation and seeking advantage to that end. It wants what it wants. On the other hand Intellect seeks pure objectivity. Unsophisticated folks and young children (me me me) with limited intellect are thus hostage to their primitive, rather unfettered, base ego.

Trump is lacking in intellect, and thus he is often described as childish and relentlessly self-seeking. In other words his unmodified ego simply frames the world around him as it and he wishes it to be at any given moment — giving him a mercurial personality.

And so it is quite natural that others of limited intellect are drawn to him politically. That this can happen is one of the great dangers of democracies.

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