Monday Evening Reflections on Evil
Mike Meyer

What we humans call evil is simply the destructive part of the universal equation of probability balance. It surfaces big time in our hardwired tribal impulse. The positive part of the tribal impulse is to cause people of like kind to work together for the common good. Unfortunate because of the law of probability balance there is always a negative offset. That offset comes in the form of fear and hatred of the “other,” xenophobia.

Today, xenophobia has exploded in the person of President Donald J. Trump, a man who is not only a serial liar, but a liar who can’t make up his mind which version of his endless lies he prefers. As Trump piles lies upon lies, he and his administration have lost all credibility in the eyes of our country and the world.

Now Republicans are desperately trying to muddy the waters of truth by saying that all politicians stretch the truth with equal vigor. That may be the biggest lie of them all.

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