I think the underlying reason for such action is fear of loosing ones position in life.
Yauri S. Kelly Dalencour

You are absolutely right that increased intellect, either inherently so or via education, works to ward off fear and hatred of the “other.” Unfortunately for humanity, in the long run probability balance can never be undone — goodness will alway in time be offset by the despicable. It is no less so written in the stars.

I am, however, in no way suggesting that folks throw up their hands in despair and say what’s the use, It is just too hopeless. There is always the personal satisfaction of striving for justice and goodness. Never, ever allow the perfect to become the enemy of the good, as they say.

You, my friend, are obviously marching among the legions of the good. And if to keep up the good fight requires that you turn a blind eye toward certain inconvenient truths, so be it.

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