How come we can see this pathology in tRump and so many cannot?
Linda Fish

You see, Linda, the short answer is that they identify with Trump. They are infected with his same sickness, though most in a far less flamboyant way. So he is their guy, no matter what!

You may not be familiar with my theory of the ultimate law of the universe — probability balance. This law states that creation is always at some point in time offset by destruction. Stars are born and stars will die.

As creatures of the universe, we humans are subject to the same law. We are born and we will die. In our human world, alas, peace will be offset by war and love by hate — creative and destructive forces staying always in in balance. Thus by the law of the universe, as I see it, Trump and his destroyers must exist to offset those humans who promote their better angels — probability balance in action.

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