The rain

Today is raining in Santiago, and I don’t remember when was the last time it rains here like today. But this rain reminds me the first travel that brings me too far from home. When I traveled to San Pedro de Atacama, I never thought in the rain or storm. If you say “San Pedro", I immediately think about sun, summer, I see on my mind a hot day and that was a reason I don’t wanted to know it. But believe me, it rains and it surprised me, because it was too weird and the day was too cold. From sunny days to grey days. And even when I love the rain, I admit that not all the things can be perfect. We went to Valle de la Luna on bike, the sky looked blue and good, but in a second we look at each other and knew we were in problems. Too much water that complicated our way to back home, a bad bike in the group and I wanted water, I wanted to eat, I wanted to feel comfortable, I wanted my family and I don’t wanted to walk anymore.

Yes, I like too much rain, but sometimes what you like or what you love not always will brings the better things to you.