9 Ways to Find an Information in Google Easily and Quickly

As the result shows, almost 96% of people don’t know about very useful ways of finding information. In today’s article we want to tell about some ways to find the information quickly and without disturbing your nerves. As a source we used our favourite site called AdME.ru.

1.Use the linking word “or” .

When you google something and you are confused and you have two variants what to search, just type the linking word “or”, and the web search will show you both results. Then you can choose the most appropriate variant.

2.Use synonym.

If you want to find the site concerning the specific topic, you can use the similar word. And Google will propose you his options.To do it you just need to put “~”.

3.The search inside the site.

Sometimes it can happens, that you find a very interesting article on a random site. But then you can lose it. So if you want to find this article again, save it or share with your friends, firstly type in Google the name of this site and then key words. And here we go.

4.The power of the Star.

For example, I hear about this method for the first time. BUT, it really works. Especially when you forget one word in the middle of the phrase. Just type * instead of the word, and the web search will find you similar answers.

5.Time/price frames.

Sometimes we need to find an event, which happened in the specific time frames, but we don’t know exactly, when did it happen. In this case we add to the main phrase some time frames, for example 1900–2000. The same method works with the price of things.

6.Search by the name or link.

To find the key words in article, before typing this word use the word “intitle:”. In case you want to find the word in the link, use “inurl:”.

7.Similar sites.

If you found the site of your interest and want to find more similar sites, that will be easy. Type “related:” before the address of the site.

8.The whole phrase.

The easiest and most tested way is to write the whole phrase using quotes. It’s the perfect way to find the poem or just a useful text.

9.Needless terms.

To exclude needless term from the search — just put the sign minus. For example, if you want to find some interesting books, but you don’t want to buy it, write “ -buy”.

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Originally written for Cadabra Studio.

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