DEV Challenge Experience

DEV Challenge is a first championship in Ukraine concerning development. The main goal is to help talented IT specialist to meet new people and check their skills.

This month started with great vibes and good news for our studio. On the 2th December, there was a championship called DEV Challenge. The event was in Cyber Arena, in Kiev and it was the 10th anniversary championship in IT sphere.

And it’s not a wonder, why we are writing about this event. Our designer Olga, was one of the participants in DEV Challenge, which included various categories of two difficulty levels. So let’s be more clear, what exactly this competition is about. There were web, mobile and game sections. Moreover they were divided into Pro and Standard categories. Olya took a part in Mobile UI/UX in Standard category.There were other participants from all over Ukraine. In this category were only six people and Olya was one of them. She went to the FINAL.

But before the final, our designer had the selective stage. Olga had the task on the app called “To Do List”. You can see it on our Dribbble page.

Then it was the final stage concerning the redesign of Taxi application. It was only six hours to do it and Olya did it excellent. The atmosphere was extremely creative and intensive.

On the second day of the DEV Challenge there was the IT Forum, where various orators performed with their reports concerning marketing and design.

Also in this day the participants got the results of competition. Olya took third place. We are really proud of her and wish to achieve more heights!

Thanks for reading us ;)

Originally written for Cadabra Studio.

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