Essential Sketch Plugins for Designers

Sketch is an application for Mac that is entirely focused on creating stunning user interfaces for mobile apps and websites. Today due to its rapid rise in popularity it has become a praiseworthy replacement for Photoshop and Illustrator, as everything is already in vector. This means that you don’t have to worry about designing for multiple devices. Besides, clients love it as well because it helps us do better design, faster.

Another great thing is that Sketch community is shares lots of plugins that can be easily downloaded and used. In this post we have brought our favorites for boosting productivity together in one place.


Fluid (constraints)— Sketch plugin that provides a means to create more constraint-based, responsive designs. It is based on Auto Layout constraints.

Fluid (constraints)

Measure (specs) — A measure tool for measurements & design specs

Measure (specs)

Rename It — Sketch plugin to rename layers like a boss.

Sketch Palettes — A Sketch plugin that lets you save and load colors into the color picker.

Sketch Palettes


Export assets— Export assets for Android, iOS, Windows Phone in Sketch.

To xcode assets catalog (iOS)— Export assets for iOS directly from Sketch into Xcodes assets catalog

9 Patch Generator (Android)— plugin would convert selected artboards to 9patch layout, then export them to xxx.9.png at Desktop.

Artboards to PDF— A Sketch plugin to export artboards to PDF slideshow.


Pixel Perfecter— plugin that helps you find layers that have float (pixel imperfect) X, Y, width or height properties.

Pixel Perfecter

Segment circle— Create circles as areas or lines with a custom number of points/segments

Segment circle

AEFlowchart— The idea of this plugin is to make it fast and easy to draw flowcharts in Sketch, because why not?

Better Paste — Paste like it was meant to be — into the artboard you’re viewing.

Do you have any favorite Sketch plugins you can’t live without? Add them in the comments below and next time we’ll add them to this time-saving list .

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