A great designer is an everlasting student. Being a designer means a livelong process of self-development, broadening your mind and discovering new facets of your vocation to create.

Nowadays, it`s an amazing time to be a designer.We learn from our peers, from our mentors, and from all the resources available to us today. That`s why you will never be short of excellent resources on the web to learn from.

Thanks to the most outstanding leaders in the design, who share their expertise, best practices and advice openly, through a variety of product design blogs on the web, actually, anyone can become the next Jony Ive.

Below, you can find a gathering of some of the best UI/UX blogs that the web has to propose.

  1. UX Archive

This site is a very useful thing for ux designers. This site inspires you and lays out interesting user flows so you can compare and connect with user. UX Archive will help you visualize all the flows and steps at a time to easily compare them. Just a small note, currently the site only archives user flows from iPhone 4S and iPhone.

2. UX Myths

The different approach of UX Myths is what gives it an edge: the site lists common but untrue myths about UX design, and cites links, facts, and studies proving why the myths are false.

3. Usabilla

Usabilla is a Dutch company with a focus on UX and user feedback. Their blog includes articles on user engagement, design, and UX research.

4.Designmodo’s UX Design Section

Designmodo is another trustworthy source of UX articles covering both standard and obscure design topics. Going beyond the usual blog posts, this site also offers tutorials on UX software and a small eshop for UI kits and a few other tools.

5.Boxes and Arrows

This peer-written journal is fully dedicated towards the practice and innovation of design. It aims at thinking beyond the stereotypes and challenge limits. There are also a number of case studies on UI design, interviews and product reviews that makes it a truly valuable resource.


The Konigi blog is for interface designers, and has posts that range from conference notes to creative discussions. It’s also written by a designer at Balsamiq, one of our favorite wireframing tools.

7.UX Magazine

Jobs, events, and standard advisory articles: UX Magazine is the closest to a full-fledged trade magazine UX designers can find. This site creates a community with location-based listings for conferences, talks, workshops, informal meetups, and classes. With a depth of material and a dedicated focus on UX, chances are you’ll find whatever you’re looking for here, perhaps even a better-paying job.

8.Pattern Tap

Dubbed as a living classroom, Pattern Tap allows designers to learn what is working well on the web and why. Pattern Tap is about collecting specific designs and patterns of user interaction. Just get your thinking cap on.

9.52 Weeks of UX

While this blog ran from 2010 to 2011, it contains timeless discussions around UI and UX. We highly recommend digging through the archives for insights on design and human behavior from the former Principal Designer at Twitter.


Posting since 2005, UXmatters provides best practices for UX and design at all learning levels. Multiple posts go live every Monday, which is a perfect pairing with your first cup of coffee for the week.

If we didn’t list a blog that you love, please let us know on Twitter @StudioCadabra. We are always looking for great UX and UI resources!

Thanks for reading us!



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