Useful Sites For Designers

To ease the hard work of designers of all stripes, we have collected in this article links to the most useful resources for them. Inspiring, informative, convenient — great when such tools are on hand.

Web design — a great website about web design and web development. — there is information about everything you need as a developer and a professional in the field of design. — another island in the sea of blogs devoted to web design. Very good and useful articles from many different authors. a very varied site: graphics, css, ajax. blog containing a lot of source code, distributed under an open-source and designed for web developers and designers. on this site, its creators publish their own beautiful websites and share their best ideas. — every designer should know, even if he’s not interested in web design.


  • a great site about logos and design in general. And with detailed explanations. — the community of all freelance designers for work abroad. website designer David Airey. Here he shares his experience in the field of graphic and logo design. — a website has accumulated a portfolio of artists, designers, and artists from around the world. Honestly, truly inspiring website. Australian website about design. Focused only on news design. In General, the site only about the design and once again design. — freelance blog community with regular and very helpful articles on how best to organize the work outside of the state. website dedicated to all design needs. Textures, brushes, patterns, and advice for everyone. And all this absolutely free as we like. — a collection of very good articles from media resources. Especially like this website web designers. — this website is full of articles on graphic design. Very uncommon. — daily design magazine that publishes articles about new design directions, news and events, great design portfolios and sample, carefully sorted design projects from around the world. — cool site, representing the best work in packaging design. Organized the award for the best packaging. The authority, in a word. — all about the logos. website focused only on logos. Its name speaks for itself. Regular news and resources.


  • — only on the subject of design. site with very good step-by-step lessons on web design, for both beginners and professionals. — there are many references to, perhaps, all major photo banks in the Internet. is one of the biggest, favorite and free photo sites on the Internet. A good selection of images of any quality and subject matter. — the name of the site speaks for itself. — over 11 000 fonts for every taste. — one of the largest resources with a huge collection of color combinations that can be stored in any convenient format. 
    • — cool site where in its sole discretion you can choose the best sites. 
    There is also the opportunity to test your website, if available. mainly, it contains flash sites in a very high quality. Very inspiring collection. — different, but no less attractive collections of CSS websites. very helpful gallery for designers of all stripes.



  • — the name speaks for itself. Be sure to visit and you will like it. — it is a large German site on typography. A lot of theory, examples and useful tips. cozy site dedicated to fonts, will delight the Russian designers.

Video and animation

  • — a great, daily updated blog with great articles on everything new and interesting in design. — international resource for professional animators. website provides free consultations for special video effects. the large community of video. Never misses anything. — the website of John Dickinson ‘ (John Dickinson). Really inspiring website.

Personal design blogs

  • — the blog of designer Elliot Jay Stocks. one of the most beautiful blogs in the network. Very in-depth articles, professional advice. We recommend to all designers. — blog of graphic designer, developer, writer, lecturer Jonathan Snook. Helpful tips, tricks of graphic and web design and more. — perhaps one of the best blogs about web design in the world. just inspiring and beautiful blog by Italian designer Francesco Mugnai. — a good French blog. Quality articles, fresh design. great blog of graphic designer Scott Hansen — blog graphic designer John Nack (John Nack). Full, detailed article on graphics and Adobe. — the guys are flash animators have created a website where you post your amazing creations. Catchy, fun, cheerful melodies and cartoons.


  • — huge social network where millions of people every day share their photos. Here you can find both beginners and masters of this profession. — fashion magazine about design and culture. here you will find a great variety of blogs about everything. Very useful and interesting site. — the place where only the most popular and quality advertising from around the world.

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