The Good, Racist People Response

“The Good, Racist People”, is a story of the author and how a racist profiling event affected his life. This is not his place to write. He should have interviewed Forest Whitaker and written about that rather than thinking about himself. Ta-Nehisi Coates writes about how his habits of vising the deli were practically unfazed despite the incident. Perhaps, Coates believes that by not directly addressing racism or acting against it in his life he is acting above it; not giving it the response it deserves. Coates writes about how he wants to go back to the deli, not about Whitaker. Coates only has a few lines dedicated to the words of a regretful deli owner. Based on the words included from owner of the deli near Columbia, one could be convinced that there was no racism involved at all. That would imply that this was simply a person defending his livelihood from being stolen by another person, who may have accidently portrayed a thief in their actions. I feel that the author of this article is simply too distant from the event written about to effectively take a stance and use his position to get his point across. In a piece about racism, if the author was a minority and included that in his words his ethos would gain a boost. If he had ever gone through an unwarranted frisking if he had ever played the role of the shop-owner, if he had ever witnessed a similar issue even, and had written about it, the whole article would have carried far more weight than it currently does.

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