Hack.Pledge() — Learning and teaching code.

“A community of developers helping each other master software craftsmanship”

Hack Pledge makes learning and teaching code and practices to others easier and more substantial. Anyone is able to find YouTube videos teaching code, or buy a discount textbook with old methodology, however not everyone is able to get a pers0n-to-person sharing of information and learn directly from an experienced coder. The same goes for teaching; no need for a cramped classroom or video-editing software to share your knowledge, let Hack Pledge help you teach others.

Hack Pledge covers a variety of languages ranging from HTML/CSS to Java, C++, C, and many more. Each learning or teaching session consists of an hour, and with several top-name developers such as Ryan Bubinski, founder of Codeacademy, you may have the chance to learn first-hand from a noteworthy professional. At the time of this writing, there are 6,473 signed pledges willing to participate, and the number grows every day.

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