Whiteout Mail — Your new secure mailbox.

There’s no shortage of “secure” e-mail services designed to grow off of the security scandals surrounding the NSA and Snowden events, however very few of these services offer their mail with a stylish and sexy design, as well as a dead-simple explanation on how it works, and setup of your account. Don’t be fooled however, ease-of-use does not mean any loss of security, Whiteout Mail has an impressively secure setup.

Whiteout Mail provides end-to-end encryption for all messages, with client-side encryption. No passwords or sensitive information are transmitted or stored by Whiteout, and the use of Open Source software ensures reliable transparency and ease of mind. If you’re interested in the technology behind the encryption, check out their documentation pages.

As if the offerings presented already are not enough to peak your interest, Whiteout also offers the ability to either use your own email on their supported platform, (Web based, Android, Chrome OS with iOS, Windows, and Firefox OS arriving in the future), or to register by beta for your very own custom @wmail.io email. Those of you interested will be able to mail caden@wmail.io for a beta code, as I currently have several to send out to those with the desire to embrace a beautifully designed, and secure email solution.

Whiteout Mail as seen as a Chrome OS application.
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