I was reading a short story. It’s called, “How they’ll break up your heart after you break up with them”.

Not that I have ever been in a relationship, but I’ve left some people whom I was dating because I knew they weren’t into me as I was into them. See, the title of this short story is so true because when I left them, it was me who got my heart broken. They went on with their lives. They pretended to care. They wanted me only because I was a constant for emotional and physical support.

I’m lifting some excerpts from the story.

You don’t fall out of love with them. You just suddenly realized they didn’t truly, for reals, love you. So you fold. And they let you.
Being heartbroken happens on both end — being left actively, and being left passively. When they only cared about themselves, but tried to pass it off as “love.” To you and themselves alike.

It’s not always the ones who got left who feel hurt.

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