An Open Apology Letter to the LGBTQ Community:

In the wake of The Nashville Statement that was released this week, I feel compelled to write to you. I’m not a writer in any sense of the word, so bear with me, okay?

I’m so sorry. 
I’m sorry for those who have spoken with hatred and contempt on behalf of all of us. They are not the representation of so many of us. They are not the representation of Jesus or my faith.

I’m sorry for every time that you have been excluded. My hope and prayer for all of us is that someday it will be hard for us to recall a time in history where there wasn’t basic human rights and inclusive spaces for all, in the church and not.

I’m sorry for every time someone has shown hatred towards you. I love you so much, and there are so many others that do as well.

I’m sorry for every single one of you that has been forced out of your homes, church, and Christianity as a whole. You never deserved that. I promise there is a place in our faith for you. If you don’t know of an LGBTQ-affirming church near you, please write to me, and I will try my damndest to help you find a safe space.

I’m sorry for for all the times you have been bullied. You are worth more than that.

I’m sorry for any anti-LGBTQ sermon or talk you have had to sit through. My faith is based off of love, and I feel ashamed when people try to use their faith as an excuse for their homophobia. That is not okay.

I’m sorry for all of you who have never had the opportunity of having a support system. There are so many of us that love you just the way you are, and don’t believe any change is necessary. If you don’t have a support system, please write to me. I will try to hook you up with resources and support.

I’m sorry if you have had to endure any disgusting sort of conversion therapy. You are perfect and beautiful, just the way God created you.

I’m sorry for those of you who have wanted to end your life or for those who have lost a dear friend of the LGBT community. We failed. I am so sorry.

I’m sorry for everyone who judges you. There is nothing God-honoring about that.

I’m sorry for those of us who have had many conversations, but have taken little action. We have no excuse. We are the ones who should be actively supporting you, in whichever way you need. We should be doing more than speaking to our loved ones. We need to speak out because we need to collectively acknowledge that most of you are not given a voice in the Christian community. We need to lead. We need to keep speaking. We need to start acting. We need to be intolerant of hatred, in every form it comes in. We need to stop being passive. We need to stand up. We need to fucking fight.

And I can’t say this enough -
But you, my dear LGBTQ friends, are loved and beautiful and so damn brave. You are a hero to so many of us that look to find courage within ourselves. Keep doing you, because you are doing it so well. I’m sorry and I love you.