It really is a very good thing to be rewarded to do little and simple things such as downloading apps. AppBounty does just that as it gives you credits that you can then convert into gift cards. What’s really good about AppBounty is that you don’t need to pay any registration fee in joining. You just need to simply downloaded AppBounty, and you’ll immediately get gift cards that you can use in any online store.

If you want to try it out, what you need to do first is to install the AppBounty app in your smartphone. If you have AppBounty codes or an invite code, you can use it. What usually happens is that these invite codes give you a bonus of 50 free credits to help you start up in the app. You are then given a list of apps that you can download. Download them and use them for a minimum of 30 seconds. When you get past the 30 seconds mark, you then receive a notification that you have just received a credit that you can then convert into a gift card.

Remove the Apps if You Like To

You also have the freedom to remove the apps if ever you don’t like them. You should also know that there are apps which give you higher credits, so it’s best to prioritize these apps first. There are also some apps that need you to play the game for a few levels. However, it is still totally worth the time as it gives you more credits.

How the System Works

The business model of AppBounty works with the help of the app developers who pay AppBounty to enlist their apps for other people to download. This is how their system works, which is why you can see that it is indeed a legitimate one. Try AppBounty, and see how cool it is to get money in exchange for just downloading a few apps from their list.

from Cadillac Sky

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