Plex.Earth 4 is Available Now plus a Free Giveaway!

If you haven’t already seen or tried out Plex.Earth for AutoCAD I highly recommend taking a look at their website and/or my previous post showing just a few features of the software.

In short, Plex.Earth integrates Google Earth with Autocad allowing you to seamlessly import Imagery & Terrain into your Civil projects as well as providing the ability to showcase your drawings/models directly in Google Earth. Letting you better design for the environment around your project and better highlight your designs when showing them to clients and investors.

Project Model shown in Google Earth (From

In my previous post/video I went into detail on how easy it is to quickly Import a georeferenced google earth image directly into AutoCAD by using Plex.Earth, by using this method, I saved a ton of time over the old workaround of exporting an image from Google Earth and aligning it to fit roughly based on landmarks or points within the image area.

You can check out my previous video and post here:

Now, back to todays post, to Celebrate the release of the new version “Plex.Earth 4” which includes new features, updates and optimization (see notes below) as well as a thank you for always reading and supporting CADIntentions, are giving away five — 3 Month Licences for the new Plex.Earth 4 software!

Enter Below:Plex.Earth 4 — Three Month Licence

From Plex.Earth:

Highlights from Plex.Earth Version 4

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