Steel Detailing and Modeling with Tekla to Erect Steel Structures Faster

Steel structure detailing is synonyms and crucial for strengthening and erecting sturdy building structures. Adequate structural steel detailing, clubbed with design and structural analysis and appropriate execution of the construction project assures no deflections, no cracks; and saves the building from collapsing.

Once the contractor is assigned the project, steel detailing walks into the picture, and is being executed by detailers who work on 2D steel structure drawings. Though it is the inception stage of the construction process, it is capable of triggering a delay and resulting in high time coordination challenges among stakeholders, endangering the entire construction schedule.

Tekla for Developing Steel Fabrication Drawings

Use of Tekla, with help of building information modeling companies, to develop steel fabrication drawings is one of the proven solutions to handle such challenges. The biggest benefit is that even if the detailing is done after the design phase, based on the drawings received from structural designers, coordinating steel with the structure is efficient and easy, and improves the quality of construction.

BIM solution providers are also experts at developing BIM-ready information rich 3D models, reinforcing steel detailing, anchor setting plan, connectivity diagrams, and shop bolt summary. They even are apt at preparing and providing 2D CAD plans and shop drawings for steel elements like beams, columns, trusses, stairs, etc. for steel fabrication and precast building elements.

Benefits of using Tekla for Steel Detailing:

  • Reduced detailing errors in fabrication resulting in reduced rework
  • Cope up with changes in a 3D model in a timely fashion
  • Automated integration of Drawings, reports, and CNC information, with the model
  • Intelligent interfaces to optimize fabrication process
  • Convenient use of 3D models for fabrication and erection
  • 3D enabled coordination and communication amongst departments and project parties

Tekla for steel detailing is not mere project coordination, and helps in improving the overall quality of the steel structure. 3D modeling environment empowers teams to design independently and deliver quicker and cost effective project fabrication packages. This model based approach has succeeded in breaking away the complex design challenges by leveraging 3D views and live schedules to check steel.

Meet Construction Project Deadlines

With Tekla, every single 2D drawing sheet, and 3D view and schedules are an actual presentation of the building structure. All the drawings and views are well managed and in sync with the use of Tekla.

For an Off-shore Oil Platform in Texas, USA; steel detailing service providers went to the extent of including modeling of stair towers, access platforms, chain guide, and sub-sea distribution unit — with no margin for error. This became possible as the smallest change made to the steel model, reflects in fabrication drawings, ultimately saving in-house teams’ monotonous job of updating the changes.

Overall Cost Benefits

Saving considerably on the construction project is one of the most important aspects. High rewards at affordable share, is what everyone strives for. Finding out alternatives that suit project requirements in a cost effective manner is a cake walk with Tekla. It helps in estimating the steel and autonomous generation of bill of materials, saving you a lot of labor and material costs.

Manage On-site Troubles

Model based projections when incorporated with fabrication drawings warrants on-site issues of scheduling or redrawing. Oil & Gas Sector witnessed one the most prominent and commendable way how Tekla steel detailing erected one of the structures crucial to the functionality of the refinery. Capability to view the steel model in Tekla, with help of Tekla BIMsight model viewer, from the angle you want and monitor it on-site facilitates better understanding of construction.

Comprehend the Constructability

Contractors empowered to comprehend the constructability at the very inception stage of the project improves the cost estimation and schedule of the entire construction project. Structural steel detailing with Tekla, empowers contractors to have more real simulations and of course better control over the entire project.

Contractors can assign elements to members individually, and hence can cut down on the daunting task by placing fabricated parts in Tekla model, and even can edit and modify them too. Steel Shop drawings generated using Tekla also helps in improving construction documentation.

Final Thought

Understanding of engineering standards, well-trained detailers and modelers and well-experienced engineers is what goes in for structural steel detailing. What engineers, steel fabricators, contractors and civil engineers need is structural engineering and structural steel detailing service provider with technical brilliance, modernization, and enthusiasm.