Final Idea + Recipe

My Final idea was my iteration, The 3 flavored anti joke, I created a 3 flavored triangle cookie that had chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry frosting flavors on each corner of the triangle. On top of the cookie a stuck a toothpick on with an anti joke was taped to. I feel this cookie is creative because I could not find a cookie similar to the 3 flavored triangle cookie and to add a joke on top I feel makes it more fun and can improve the first impression of the cookie.


Betty Crocker mix

1 egg

1 stick butter

3 tablespoons flour

Chocolate frosting

Vanilla frosting

Strawberry frosting




Recipe: Combine the ingredients are together kneed them so that they are one big dough roll. Flatten out the dough until the dough is about a quarter inch thick. Place the cookies on to a pan and then put them in the oven at 375 Degrees Fahrenheit, leave in for 8 minutes. After the 8 min take them out and let cool. Once the cookies are cooled use the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry frosting (that can be bought at any target) and spread each flavor onto a specific corner. After the frosting is spread grab toothpicks, tape, paper, and scissors. Start writing the jokes on the paper very skinny, after each joke cut it out and tape it to the toothpick, do this for as many cookies as one has.

Idea Generation

In my notebook I started thinking of random weird cookie ideas but once I got stuck I looked up weird cookies on google images and got inspiration from the pictures. If I found a cookie I created on Google I would not use that cookie. I decided to test my 3 flavored triangle cookie and my anti joke cookie because they were fun and not on Google.

Idea 1 Test

I created a cookie called an anti joke cookie that is a chocolate chip cookie with chocolate frosting on it and a flag sticking out with an anti joke on that flag. This cookie was a little inspired by a fortune cookie. I decided not to use this cookie because even tho it was super tasty I felt it was not creative enough.

Idea 2 Test

I created this cookie after creating a list of cookies in my notebook it is a 3 flavored cookie on a triangle sugar cookie. This cookie looking back is similar to the 3 flavored ice cream. Through the process of making these cookies I figured out that the best way to mix the dough was with my hands and then I decided to use a pizza cutter to cut the dough, into triangles, which helped a lot.


I combined the triangle type cookie with the jokes and made the triangle cookies anti joke/3 flavored triangle cookies. I thought it would be better to put the anti jokes on this cookie because the jokes make it more fun and original. I also changed my idea of doing part sugar cookie on a corner to a strawberry flavor on that corner because it would most likely taste better because people have had those 3 flavors combined before. the top covering looks better without a section that is lower then the rest.

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