The Poverty Cycle

Challenges of the Working Poor

Caelan Huntress
Apr 24, 2014 · Unlisted

I am a bankrupt.

I am the bogeyman that young bankers are warned about, the ones that you don’t allow to have accounts with your bank.

The Cycle of Poverty Fees

By using reporting agencies like Equifax, banks have unionized against consumers. If you overdraw an account with one bank, the other banks will stand in solidarity, refusing to give you any sort of account until you pay your debt with the other banks you owe money to.

My life is a lot like the Magic Bus.

Me and the Magic Bus.

Longshots Don’t Pay Off

Or if they do, it’s really, really rare.

Eyes on the Prize

I was really hoping that another longshot would pay off, and I could splurge on socks for my kids and a dish rack for my new house.


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