One last time…on performative allyship
Tanya D.

Thank you, you nailed this! I used to wallow in my white guilt, and I thought that made me a good person — but all I was doing was taking up other people’s space with my irrelevant feelings. If there are any white people reading this who are looking for a compromise, here’s what I do: When I’m furious about something that doesn’t directly involve me, such as a racist action, and I’m in a comment thread, I upvote angry comments that speak to me, particularly those by POC who are more directly affected by whatever happened. But I don’t make my own comments except to call out people being oppressive (no #notallwhites comments, though, because, even if a comment doesn’t describe all whites, it just makes whities look bad to say so — like #notallmen), performing their ‘allyship’, or people incorrectly correcting others’ grammar (yes, I’m basically Dexter for grammar nazis). When I share something that includes someone being oppressive or otherwise inappropriate, I try to say something constructive about it, rather than just expressing my anger. White people raging unproductively over things that don’t affect us tends to look like virtue-signalling, which isn’t a good look, so I advise either keeping your rage constructive or sticking with upvoting others’ posts. Hope this maybe helps someone :)

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