You assert there was no relationship between CO2 and temperature for billions of years, this is a…

Some time ago, I conducted my own independent investigation of the NOAA and NASA global temperature work. I wanted to see what kind of global-average temperature results I would get if I ran data without any of the NASA/NOAA adjustments through a very straightforward averaging procedure.

I coded up a very straightforward global averaging algorithm that could be explained to high-school students, and then I ran unadjusted temperature data through it. I plotted up my own unadjusted results against the official NASA results computed with the NOAA adjusted data.

I did not obtain any government funding for this — in fact, I would have refused any such funding if it were offered to me. I wanted to see what a completely independent “no funding strings attached” temperature analysis exercise would produce.

You can see my analysis and my results here: