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Relationships are an essential part of being human. We put time, effort, energy into finding and maintaining the relationships in our lives. Family, friends, significant others, colleagues — we’re surrounded by relationships that need our time and focus. But one critical relationship people often overlook is with their job.

According to data in Jessica Pryce-Jones’ book Happiness at Work, the average person will spend over 90,000 hours at their job in his or her lifetime: that’s 3,750 days; 750 Monday through Friday weeks (assuming you’re not working on the weekend); roughly 187 months; over 15 and a half straight years…

Phase 1 Features

Disrupting the recruiting industry takes time. It involves upheaving deeply entrenched ideas, processes and habits that, while not exactly successful, have served as “good enough.” However, blockchain technology threatens the way that we currently find and filling jobs. And Caerus Connections is at the forefront of this venture.

In this three-part blog series, we’ll outline how Caerus Connections is devising leverage its blockchain-based platform to disrupt the recruiting industry. The development of Caerus Connections will happen in three main phases; each blog will feature the highlights of these phases, beginning with Phase 1.

The first phase of Caerus Connections will…

Caerus Connections provides a robust and secure platform enabling candidates to showcase a comprehensive profile of their qualifications and career desires — and do so anonymously if they so choose.

Today’s job search experience is less than desirable for everyone involved. Job seekers find the process clunky, frustrating, and cumbersome, weeding through endless job sites and postings, only to then face the tedious task of updating cover letters, résumés, and online portfolios to match the specific requirements for each application.

After replicating this process countless times, candidates are lucky if they surface to the top of a dense pool of candidates, especially against those who “polish” their résumé with exaggerated skills and qualifications or employ professional services to make them appear more qualified on paper than in real life. …

Caerus Connections

A blockchain-based recruitment and employment platform connecting job seekers and employers around the globe through a token-based subscription.

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