Searching for a Purpose

When you enter the business world, everyone always tells you that it isn’t easy. It was Sam Walton that once said, “There is only one boss. The customer.” We’ve come to understand this since Day 1. Since then, we have been scrambling to fulfill the needs of our customer, while also trying to define ourselves as a company. Neither task has been simple, and we are still searching.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. — Bill Gates

Of all of the departments included in Campus Services, we have narrowed down our scope and final design choice. In making our decision, we decided that there were a few things we definitely did not want to do. Chief among them was creating a ticketing system. We also did not want to make more advanced brochureware or systems that would require data that we do not have, nor could gain easy access to. This immediately removes departments from scope including Dining, Real Estate, ‘Building, Energy, & Facilities,’ and several others.

So what do we want to make? We want to make something that turns an unintuitive process into something special. We want to make a system that people need and will enjoy using. We want to make something novel. This means that we must once again narrow our scope due to the competition from other firms vying for the fat contract from Campus Services. This eliminates areas like Housing and Public Safety (which were areas we were not too thrilled about to begin with).

We maintain that our original idea may still be the most viable, at least with significant functionality changes. However, we are open to exploring other areas like ID cards. This area proves very interesting, mainly because the current system at a school like Tufts University is very decentralized in terms of requesting building access, loading school dollars, and replacing lost/stolen IDs. On the administrative end, it is not much easier based on preliminary interviews of support staff at Tufts.

So while it can be said that we have not made our final decision, we are nearing it, and we hope that by next week we will have our project focus selected, and our minimum viable product (MVP) well underway.