Direct Urgent Care is now Carbon Health

TL;DR — Direct Urgent Care has merged forces with Carbon Health. Same great care, now with better access including broader virtual care options and expansion to primary care services. If you haven’t already, download the Carbon Health app for iOS or Google Play.

Hi, I’m Dr. Caesar Djavaherian, MD and co-founder of Direct Urgent Care.

Saying “healthcare is broken” is now cliché. Doing something about it is difficult, but I can’t think of a more important goal to reach for.

As an Emergency Medicine physician and a parent, I have seen dysfunction in care delivery from both sides of the exam table. I have experienced the endless charting and paperwork, the lack of appointments, the long waits, the absence of price transparency and the outrageous ensuing bills for unplanned injuries and illnesses. The hassle drives people to avoid care, often suffering through unchecked illnesses and becoming so sick that they have no choice but to go to overcrowded emergency rooms.

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Dr. Caesar Djavaherian, Cheif Medical Officer @ Carbon Health

We created Direct Urgent Care to address some of these burdens. Our innovation was to make accessing care easy, convenient and cost-effective. To help drive this efficiency, we always made sure to utilize the best tools technology had to offer.

As a health-tech advisor, I’ve worked with numerous entrepreneurs to create amazing products that reduce the hurdles to accessing care. But I have never been as impressed as when I saw Carbon Health, a technology company based in San Francisco that built a complete solution to make care easier and more efficient for both physicians and patients.

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The vertically integrated Carbon Health platform increases healthcare accessibility with virtual appointments and easy clinic scheduling, enhances provider and patient communication through direct messaging and video visits, and provides full transparency by giving patients access to all details of their medical records through the mobile app. The amazing Carbon Health platform drives down health care costs while simultaneously improving the overall quality of care that each patient receives. Put simply, Carbon Health is the first example of healthcare loving technology that I’ve seen.

Experience Hassle-Free Healthcare with the Carbon Health mobile app.

Today, I’m thrilled to share the news that Direct Urgent Care is officially joining forces with Carbon Health!

Based on our hugely successful partnership over the past year, we have decided to work together in our commitment to creating a better healthcare experience through innovation. The Carbon Health goal is to deliver the best possible care, whenever our patients need it.

What does this change mean for you, as a patient?

First, I want to reassure you that the team of providers that you know and love aren’t going anywhere! Our clinics throughout the San Francisco Bay Area will continue to be open (with more launching soon) and your insurance coverage will remain the same. We are continuing to provide the same trusted care in our clinics while adding new services — like new primary care services and Instant Care through our mobile app — for an even better experience.

Is Direct Urgent Care disappearing today?

No, not yet. You’ll start to see the new Carbon Health logo in the clinic and on your discharge papers, but the full transition will take us a few months. During this time you may continue to see the familiar Direct Urgent Care name on documents such as the Explanation of Benefits from your insurance companies.

What is the Carbon Health app?

Many of you have already experienced the hassle-free Carbon Health app already in the last year. But, if you haven’t downloaded our app already, we recommend you do for the full new experience. Through our app, you can book appointments, chat with our providers, fill prescriptions, get lab results and much, much more. You can find the Carbon Health app on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Use the Carbon Health app to access your Direct Urgent Care and Carbon medical records.

Visit for more info on Carbon Health, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback!

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Medical Director @Carbon Health. Saying “healthcare is broken” is now cliché. We’re here to fix it.

Medical Director @Carbon Health. Saying “healthcare is broken” is now cliché. We’re here to fix it.

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