A Quiet Extrovert

“You’re so quiet!”

“Really? Oh.” *smiles awkwardly*

I’m curious if anybody can tell me how are you supposed to react when people say that. Cause i’m pretty sure i experience it so many times especially when i was in high school. Now that i’m in uni, i don’t get it anymore but i know some people still think i’m a quiet person. To be honest i don’t even know whether i’m quiet or not. The truth is, it’s just depends on my mood. There are times that i want to be loud and outgoing, but other times i want to be quiet and sit still. Also, i don’t know why people like to point that out. To be honest it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable and too judgemental especially if i just meet the person for the first time.

Every personality tests that i took said that i’m an Extrovert and my openess to try new things are quiet high. I’ve always get ENFP as my MBTI types ( i’ve tried MBTI a couple times just to make sure lol). My extravertion level on the Big 5 personality test is also quiet high. I do relate to a lot of things about extrovert yet i also relate to some of the things about introvert people. This is why i always think that you can’t always put label or put people in a box.

“You’re not quiet, you’re just socially selective”. That’s what one of my close friend said. Maybe i am. I do get more quiet when i feel uncomfortable. It’s sort of my defense mechanism. I like to meet new people yet i’m still cautious. I know i’m not the most friendly people, but i still smile or said something back if someone is interested talking with me (even though i’m not interested in talking with them).

I like to be around people, share my opinions with them yet sometimes i don’t like to initiate conversation. Yet i like to talk to other people especially if they initiate it first. Forgive my weirdness hahaa.

Also i kinda like to be quiet and observe what people are saying. When i choose to be quiet, that’s because i want to observe the people that i’m interacting. It’s actually very easy for me to feel comfortable in a new environment, but i get quiet as soon as if i sense something that makes me uncomfortable. Or if i’m not interested in the conversation, but i still pay attention to it. I may be quiet but i always pay attention to everything.

It’s kinda weird isn’t it? It’s like i’ve been doing what extroverts are typically do but in an introvert manner. It is funny though to see some people like to think i’m a certain way yet they never see the real me. And always replied with a smile or chuckle while trying to make it look not awkward lol.

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