When My Parent Say No (kinda) to My Dream Job

Since i’m new here, let me introduce myself first. You can call me Adel. I’m going to be 20 this year on October. Right now i’m still in university studying Psychology, just finished my 2nd year.

So i’ve been getting a lot of ‘what do you want to do after graduate’ talk lately. And i’m glad to say that i finally discover my passion this year. Which means, i already know what i’m going to do after i graduate. And this is where the problem arise…

Like many people (or not), my passion is not related to what i’m studying right now. I choose this field of study because i find it interesting, that’s it. I don’t mind if later i end up working in this field, either way i still like it. But, i don’t want to limit myself and it seems like one of my parents (can you guess who?) have problems with that.

All members of my nuclear family have an office job. One thing that i admire about them is that they’re all very ambitious people. When they set their mind to something, they will try their hardest to get it. They’re definately my role model. At the same time, they’re all (very) realistic people. They always set goals that are percerived to be achieveable and get support from people around them. And this is where i always feel left out. For some reason, i rarely get enough support for something that i want to do. But it’s okay though, because it actually motivate me more to do it.

If i had to do and office job for a living, sure i’ll do it. But i still want to do other things, spesifically something that’s related to my hobby. At first i thought this is impossible because i don’t know where to start. But now that i have an outlet, i actually started to do it as a freelance job. Of course i don’t get a lot of money instantly, but i’m really happy. I just love doing something that’s creative. It give me real joy and happiness.

So, couple hours before i write this my mom (there i said it lol) walked into my room. She talk about how i should get good grades so that i can graduate fast and get a job in some prestigious office like my sister did. And, out of nowhere she said that maybe i should stop doing my freelance job. Apparently she’s worried that i get too tired and try to convince me to not make it my primary job later because it’s not going to make enough for living. The part where she said that it’s not going to be enough for living is also what i’m thinking, and that’s why i’m not going to make this my primary job. But why stop it? Why do i want to stop doing something that i love so much if i have the chance to be able to do it?

This really get me upset. When she walked out of my bedroom, i cry. It’s just make me so upset. I cry for about three minutes and just listening to music afterwards to calm myself. About fifteen minutes later she walk in again and realized i have this ‘after crying’ face. She’s automatically said that she didn’t mean it, it’s just her thought, bla bla. I don’t know if that’s honest, or just damage control because it makes me upset. Either way, she has a habit of talking without thinking first (just like me lol).

See, the thing is she still have this mindset that you haven’t work if you don’t have an office job. An office job have a lot of assurance and benefit she said. Stability is really important for my parents. I never see my parents take risk on their career because they like the stability that an office job offer. It’s understandable though, because they work so me and my sister can have a nice living. And they want for me to have the same nice living on my own.

So, this is what i’m picturing after i graduate : get an office job first for my primary job but still do the freelance job as a makeup artist. You know mom, you’re the one that support me at first when i wanted to do this. And i don’t appreciate that you change your mind out of nowhere like that. Not cool, mom. I don’t like what you did. Either way, i’m pretty excited about the future right now :)

Anyway, what’s your dream job?

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