Just because we like change, don’t we? I decided that from now on I’ll be writing in here, instead of my original blog. That blog is also kinda forgotten because most of what I write is either not published, or written in another blog which is completely private. Let’s hope this is better than Google’s product. At least this looks a little bit better and saves me the hassle of choosing a nice template. For someone like me who has to check every possible solution and choose the best, a situation in which I’m not given so much options, is a big win.

This blog will talk about many different topics. Among them there is my love to learning new stuff and the new stuff that I learn about (such as my current love for functional programming, Scala, RESTful architectures, React, Redux, reactive streams, etc), and also… well, my insights about life, as long as they are not embarrassingly obvious or stupid. And even though, I think I’ll write about them.

The book I just started to read. Still too early to say if it’s good, but If you want any recommendation, I recommend that you read Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

That’s an image, because images are cool, but it means nothing regarding what I wrote in the previous paragraphs, it’s just the cover of the book that I’m reading right now.

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