Technology philosophies

With this post I’ll start a series of alive posts regarding the core philosophies of the technologies I use, or learn to use.

I don’t know if I’m just very peculiar as a programmer, or if what happens to me happens to most. But I struggle with a technology until I understand its core concepts. For example, the core of Webpack is “we know how to deal with javascript”, the core philosophies of Scala (plural) are: “No mutable variables (unless within an actor)” or “this compiler is awesome, delegate to it as much as possible”. Those small phrases, for me, mean everything about a technology, and I don’t fall in love with a technology until I discover its core philosophies. That’s happened to me over the course of my life a lot of times and I don’t remember all of them. Yet I’ll do my best effort to summarize it, and I really hope this could be of some help to others developers.

Disclaimer: Some of those articles will look like love letters!

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