Who am I?

This questions have made me suffer from anxiety my whole life, I never really felt like I belonged to something and that it was my choice. Not even urban cultures got to me, I identified myself with many things, trying to make them something for life. I thought one thing one day, and other completely, a couple of months later. I was a nomad looking for something to say “I am X” but I never found anything more steadier in my life than bad habits and a penchant to change my interests so quickly.

The problem was that bias of thinking I needed to find something FOR LIFE. And that’s impossible even for people who’s got a compass installed in their soul. Even more so for me whose interests change as fast as technology (and I really mean such metaphor).

So, what I’ll answer, now, is what’s valid today, and cares nothing if that’s gonna keep on being true years later, or even months later.

  1. I’m a programmer focused on good practices, with OCD for following naming conventions, idiomatic use of languages, and Separation of Concerns ideals. Also, extremely good at transforming fucking big hard overwhelming problems into a set of stupid, simple and easy to develop solutions. Also, extremely fast at learning new stuff and well, very prone to getting bored fast too.
  2. I’m a beginner and talented writer, with experience as a journalist (of my life), and as a creative (full diagnosed maladaptive daydreamer). Taking a course of Creative Writing so that I don’t do it so amateurishly.
  3. I’m a fan of the Harry Potter book series, and to be honest, still in love with the Red Rising trilogy. Also a fan of Rick and Morty (haha, watch it).
  4. With a big phobia and rejection towards borderline personality disorder in any form, but mainly borderline mothers!
  5. And last but not least, I’m a beginner YOLO traveler (Cancun next month, southeast Asia in April).

How long will this all be valid? Many of those things are basically what makes so prone to change my focus constantly, aren’t they? So they’ll probably take me to a different situation and mindset in a couple of months from now.

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