Mental Health Disorders Due To Body Shaming

Know Your Problem: Here Are The Mental Health Disorders That Take Place Due to Body Shaming

Body shaming is one shameful practice all around the world, which every woman has to face, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and race. You are always too fat, too thin, too curvy, too flat, but never perfect. And in the strive to look perfect, women go so far as to take extreme steps, which leads to various mental disorders. They do not realise how badly body shaming affects their self-esteem and their mental health, and how damaging are the constant rebukes, leading to extreme cases of stress and anxiety.

To cure a problem, you must first know of its existence. Here are the types of mental health disorders that grip you because of incessant body shaming. Know them to thwart them.

Eating Disorders


First and foremost, and the most dangerous one; eating disorders. Anorexia is the far extreme edge of not wanting to eat for your feel every morsel will attach fat to your body, leading to jutting out bones, and appetite dying completely after a point of time, depriving your body of the nourishment it needs. This is very serious mental health disorder which needs to be treated delicately and quickly, before it pushes one over the edge. Consult a psychiatrist and therapist immediately.


Not just Anorexia, Purging food it all out is also one disgusting way to harm your body, when your mind is already harmed enough to induce such activities. The mental health patient feels that he or she is getting the taste, and purging it all out after that is the perfect way to eat and not feel guilty. Wrong. Your mind is giving you advices not worth being followed, and hence, consulting a therapist should be your first priority.


While the aforementioned eating disorders affected the ones labelled ‘too fat’ for the societal standards, Binge-eating is one mental health issue which grips the thin women. Continuously rebuked for not having enough curves to entice, these women binge eat, healthy or unhealthy, distorting their eating habits in order to gain weight quickly. They do so, but at a terrible cost, and a terrible blow to the self-worth and mental health, in the process. Consulting a therapist as soon as possible should help in this situation as well.

Onset of stress and anxiety

The continuous urge to gain those perfect numbers in weight, causes burden on our brain, unnecessary one, which leads to serious cases of stress and anxiety, sometimes even leading to clinical depression, for one is never satisfied with the body type and is under continuous pressure to attain unreal expectations.

Wake up, woman! You do not need anyone’s approval to look the way you do. Your only goal in life is to stay healthy, no matter what shape your body is in. And if, you are amongst those unfortunate souls who have been victim of mental health disorders due to body shaming, seek help, immediately. Talk to us, at your discretion and with your secrecy. Talk to us, as we counsel you online, and condition you, soothe you.

We are always here to listen.

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Originally published at on October 26, 2017.