From my first ride during soft openings at the Magic Kingdom, to my 10-year wish for a Princess and the Frog version coming true

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My personal connection with Splash Mountain dates back to 1989. Before YouTube and Twitter existed, before the first-ever website was published, there really weren’t a lot of opportunities to see what was new at the Disney Parks, other than sending off for guide maps and souvenir books, and catching rare glimpses on TV travel shows.

Fortunately the situation improved on 3 September 1989, when The Disney Club launched on ITV. Finally, here was a kids’ TV show devoted entirely to Disney, promising weekly reports from both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, presented very enthusiastically by Gordon Inglis, John Eccleston and Andrea Boardman. And so every Sunday morning at 9:25am, I’d switch on the TV at the end of my bed, eager to see more of the parks. And yes, I ended up watching a lot of episodes of Gummi Bears in the process. …


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