Introducing Attributes

One month ago, we launched the public beta of Café Wifi for iOS.

The growth has been phenomenal, and we can’t wait to bring you even more goodies and awesomeness in both future updates + on even more platforms. (Android users, we’re talking to you! *hint, hint*) — The goal is to satisfy everyone’s needs for being at 100% maximum possible productivity, conveniently, while outside of the more typical office environment.

Whether that’s helping you find a fresh and relaxing spot to focus or collaborate in, or delicious food in a place unfamiliar with power outlets and counter-seating galore, Café Wifi is the tool more and more of us need for daily work life “on-the-go.”

Some screenshots of Attributes in action in today’s iOS beta update, v0.9.0

Today’s update

In our first big update, we’re introducing “deep attribution” for venues. This initiative is part of a more complex indoor mapping and feedback loop project for productive spaces, worldwide. If you’ve ever traveled to a city like Tokyo or New York City, you know that it’s not just about the single-level café or coworking space. Often, buildings bear a much smaller geometric footprint than elsewhere, and spaces can encapsulate or subdivide multiple floors of a building and exhibit all kinds of intricacies that are not commonly found in other more rural or “flatter” parts of the world.

Attributes can now be applied floor-by-floor in what are called “zones”, and zones can span both multiple floors or parts of a single floor. More on this below.

Some examples of today’s attributes:

  • 🔌 Power Outlets (by seating type)
  • 🚭 Smoking / No Smoking
  • 🍗 Cooked Food
  • 🌳 Outdoor Seating
  • 🚻 Restrooms (inside or outside of the venue, plus ♿, 🚹, 🚺, 🚼, etc.)
  • 🍎 Snacks
  • 💰 Entrance Fee
  • 🚉 Near To A Station
  • 💎 Accepts Cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.)
  • 🕓 Hours of Operation (by day, highly customizable)
  • 💤 Sleepable (important to some of us!)
  • … And much, much more.

With “deep attribution”, Café Wifi can help you find exactly what you need in a productive space or café (whenever/wherever you may be), and enable you to bookmark the qualities of your favorite places that you have already been to in the past, as well!

Zones & Clustering

For example, a neighborhood Starbucks may have a single-zone. Simple enough!

However, one in the city might have a separate upstairs seating area (2F), or no public restrooms available at all. Or, maybe it has outdoor seating, as well. All of these “zones” may bear several shared attributes, but then a few key defining ones may differentiate them.

Or, maybe you go to a multi-level coworking space….

Often, subsections of a venue might have differing or varying amenities.

Zones are highly customizable/flexible, but simple to view and create. For multiple spaces without physical walls, or even spaces with multiple rooms, floors, or even rooms that span multiple floors… there can be a zone or multiple zones for each.

Attributes can be moved and copied between both existing and new zones with ease, or edited and refined for other parts of the venue. Café Wifi will cluster together shared attributes between zones when possible, and help you get a better picture of where you’re going, before you get there… or while you’re already there for the day and want to move around. 🙂

Floor plan of a typical café, showing different possible work areas.

Is there no Wi-Fi on the rooftop terrace, or is there music playing in the basement? Find the right spot for you! With this feature, we hope to create a deeper understanding of places.


Maybe you want to sit in comfy “arm chairs” or at single person tables, or maybe you need to have a meeting. Maybe you want to rent a private conference room, and need to know the pricing in advance.

Don’t risk your day, productivity, and happiness! Share the latest attributes about the places you go, and discover more in advance about where you are headed.

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Feel free to get in touch with us directly if you have any thoughts, questions, or feedback!