A mini-series on the relationship between last-mile education and work

I’m REALLY delayed in publishing this — I finished writing this back in April 2018 as a part of an undergraduate thesis, but my interests pivoted to exploring entrepreneurial education. Better late than never. :)

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I started a company that connected education and work, and it piqued my curiosity about education.

A year and a half later, I’ve researched the fundamentals of education, dove into the factors transforming it, and glimpsed into where we’re headed.

Here are some of the most significant findings.

Educational content will originate from fewer institutions

It’s easier than ever to start a company. According to Paul Singh, a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, $5,000 today is roughly the equivalent of $5,000,000 in 1995 when it comes to starting a business. However, Singh remarked on Twitter, it also means it’s more expensive than ever to grow a company. …

Why it’s time to move toward usage-based billing structures in SaaS

People give credit to Thomas Edison for inventing the first commercially viable light bulb and advocating for the commercialization of direct current. One thing Edison can’t take credit for, however, is the system that could properly charge and bill for the value of these products.

In fact, Edison was initially pretty bad at charging for his ventures. …

I had a weird feeling while descending into San Francisco.

It was a mix of excitement and gitiness, but also a little bit of worry — I usually half-joke that I’ve never been out to California before because I was afraid I’d never leave. On the surface, California seems to have everything I love: technology entrepreneurs, great food and drinks, biking, progressive urbanism, and just cool stuff.

The truth is simpler. I’ve never had a reason to go out to California. …


Wes Wagner

Social capital, global + remote startups, scrappy growth, coffee, intentionality, MDE & IND. Currently: exploring Past: growth @microverseinc (YC S19)

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