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Fighting Information Overload With The Impending Doom Engine

Information overload is an increasing problem in our lives. Those that learn to deal with it will have a major advantage in…

Café fresco, travel edition

Fazer um café razoável fora de casa é complicado, mas vale muito a pena. É só você lembrar do terrível café de hotel/escritório que qualquer extravagância se torna justificada. Ao longo dos anos, já testei várias configurações de kits de viagem. Essa é a versão mais atual da brincadeira.

Connecting your paper notebooks to the digital age

One weird analog note-taking trick

I have a notebook problem. I have four different notebooks on my desk. One…

RSI battling tactics for geeks

After using computers and playing video games for 25 years, my body started to break. In the early days, ergonomics was unknown to me. As a kid playing with my…

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Small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags.

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Having fun with obscure indie games no one knows about

Don’t trust your brain

Your brain is faulty. It lies to you a lot. It may be surprising to hear that, but it happens all the time.

Zen and the Art of Inbox Zero

You may not know it, but your life is filled with inboxes. That pile of bills on your living room table waiting to be paid? An inbox. Facebook, Twitter…

Amazing coffee on a budget

You wake up and start getting ready for your day. Teeth brushed, you turn on the coffee maker. Without thinking, you have a cup in your hands and are gulping it…

More productivity with the Pomodoro Technique

Good programmers are always in search of tools to make them even more productive. Be those text processors, application launchers, IDEs, we…

Why Persona 3 is still relevant

I'm in my thirties. I've spent an entire slice of life playing computer/console role playing games. Final Fantasy, Everquest, Dragon Quest, you name it... if…

Using Trello to manage your life

Ever since I finished reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done in 2002, I've been trying to come up with a good system to help me manage the demands of my…