CNA- Week 6

First of Many?

On Wednesday, after winning the Nevada caucuses, presidential candidate Donald Trump received his first two congressional endorsements. Despite Trump’s assertion that endorsements are a waste of time, Reps. Chris Collins of New York and Duncan Hunter of California said they would back Trump’s candidacy. Collins believes Trump can reestablish the American dream for future generations, while Hunter spoke about how America does not need another “policy wonk” as president.

More on the Win

Marking his third straight victory, Trump defeated other GOP candidates in the Nevada caucuses by a significant margin on Tuesday. Sen. Marco Rubio came in second with 24 percent and Sen. Ted Cruz rounded out the top three with 21 percent, but these numbers could not stack up to Trump’s 46 percent. Trump clearly carries the momentum heading into Super Tuesday on March 1.

Mounting an Attack on Trump

After Florida Gov. Jeb Bush dropped out of the presidential race, many of his supporters have thrown their support to Sen. Marco Rubio, another Floridian. However, it was not just the fact that Bush and Rubio share the same home state that swayed donors; they had to consider Donald Trump. Bush donors told that they are rallying behind the one candidate that they believe can beat GOP frontrunner, and that is Marco Rubio.