I Should’ve Died at Forty
Ezinne Ukoha

Ezinne, first thing first…na wa o. Secondly, na wa o.

You need to be aKoma’s conscience. Your writing is so visceral, so unconscious…i’m just saying as a fellow forty something year old. People say I don’t look it, but believe me I feel it. The greys in my beard are now so consistent, they are a physical manifestation of the greys in my muscles and soul. But I embrace the grey area, clarity has never been so clear. I will not be doing a triathlon ever…body can’t handle it, but I will do 45 miles on the bike this weekend…body can handle that. Enough of the corporate gigs…soul can’t handle that, building something that is real and impactful…soul is definitely down with that.

You broke it down awesomely. Na wa o.

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