SANDS OF TIME: As a boy i grew up in what i may describe as a noble Family, my father an Aeronautic Engr. and my mother a comfortable housewife. I had a house help who had a specific responsibility of accompanying me to my nearby primary school and back after school hours. I remember my artistic skill of drawing on the sands during break period almost everyday of the school week, and all the pupils and teacher would cluster around me to watch me draw, and i would always stand up embarrassed by so a crowed because of little shyness and natural timidity. More often than not, my classroom teacher (a very beautiful lady) will interrogate me to find out why i was always sweating profusely even when others were feeling cold and i would ordinarily refer this questions to my parents little knowing the Health significances of excessive sweat. With time i developed my skill of Drawing studying Fine & Applied Arts in Institutions of Higher Learning to become an international professional Artist.