You’re white. You live in the most segregated city in the country. What can you do?
Garrett Bucks

More than any other large American city, Milwaukee is one of the most profound examples of failed liberal leadership and failed liberal policies. After 108 years, liberals own the disaster. Why should anyone buy into any of this? The promises may sound good when they say them, but until they deliver, it’s a dead end, just more empty political rhetoric. The biggest mistake black America can make? To continue to buy into the scam and vote for more of the same. 108 years, it’s time to come about. Nothing like people complaining about things their policies created.

Mayors of Milwaukee

David S. Rose — Democrat — 1908–1910
Emil Seidel — Socialist — 1910–1912
Gerhard A. Bading — Republican-Democrat Fusion 1912–1916
Daniel Webster Hoan — Socialist — 1916–1940
Carl Zeidler — Democrat — 1940–1942
John Bohn — Nonpartisan — 1942–1948
Frank P. Zeidler — Socialist — 1948–1960 
Henry W. Maier — Democrat 1960–1988 
John Norquist — Democrat 1988–2004
Marvin Pratt — Democrat 2004–2004 (Interim mayor)
Tom Barrett — Democrat 2004–present

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