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Well, false narratives, false equivalencies, faux microaggressions and empty rhetoric only goes so far, so, no doubt the left will fail at this. The world is rejecting your ideals, Brexit, Trump, Italy just tossed their PM and Angela Merkel is now in fear for her job and has suggested implementing some very anti Progressive policies.

Trump has his own playbook and bending to the absurdity of others isn’t in it, even though he has plenty of his own to go around. If you somehow think that the Progressives are right and everyone else is wrong, that this is just a bump in the road, I think you will be disappointed, it’s over. Common sense and reality has to enter the equation at some point and that’s what’s happening now.

Comparing Trump to Hitler, calling EVERYONE who doesn’t walk in lockstep with your views a “white supremacist” or complaining about the Electoral College, which is just now starting to do what it was designed to do nearly 250 years ago, isn’t going to work, it will prove to be counter productive. The odd, hybridized lefty/righty NSFW Trump will most likely prove to be very successful for the vast majority of US citizens and will actually bring about beneficial pragmatic change to a country too long paralyzed and polarized by partisan politics. It sure isn’t the same o, same ol, that, in and of itself, is a move in the right direction. With all due respect, which means I literally have NONE for you, I think you are brainwashed and clueless.

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