All Time

Double time
triple time
overtime pay
holiday time
lost time

Space Time
Standard Time
my time
your time
Greenwich Mean Time

Eastern Daylight
Acre time
Daylight Saving
Atlantic Daylight
some of the time

Afghanistan Time
Alma Ata time
Pacific time
Charlie Time
what’s the time

Central European 
Summer Time
Cook Island time
Central Standard time
Easter Island 
ran out of time

Israel Daylight Time
India Standard time
Korea Standard Time
Japan Standard time
time counting down

Moscow Daylight Time
November Time Zone
Peru Time
ISIS time 
running out

Quebec Time Zone
South Africa 
Standard Time
Coordinated Universal Time
Time to get laid

Hong Kong Time
Universal Time
Iran Standard time
Mountain Daylight time
Oodles of Time

Irish Summer Time
Kyrgyzstan Time
European Time
Official Prague Time
Atlantic Azores
Time to book flights

Paraguay Summer Time
¾ time
Can’t list all time
Time is borrowed time
times Infinity

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