Futures Uncertain

we see the fog
we pay no mind
we see the rain
we go anyway
we see the pellets
hitting the windscreen
we hear freezing rain

we see the fire
we pay no mind
we see the smoke
we go anyway
we see the ashes
filling the air
we know something
is burning
we see red flames

I am so scared
I am petrified
I am terrified
I am paranoid
he will find me
I meet him anyway
he is there

we smell the ocean
I smell the salt
he smells the fish
wafting out of the sea
we both know
we’re going camping
maybe not today
maybe tomorrow
maybe this year

We pitch the tent
He nails it in
The sand may not 
hold us when
I finally do him
The wind is screaming
he lit my ember
I smelled his smoke
We made fire
he and I
this is us

Now we sit watching 
our little campfire
I put coffee on
have all night with him
He has all night with me
we will be fucking our
Futures uncertain

I am not scared
he is not terrified
I am not paranoid
he will not find us
he met me anyway
I was there
and we camp
futures uncertain
we make love
futures uncertain
we decry
no one will stop us
This is our plan

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