Digital Marketing & COVID19

Due to COVID19, We are living in strange times. That’s for sure. But how weird is it for digital marketing & digital marketers? Let’s find that out!

digital marketing - covid19
digital marketing - covid19

A little background first!

I was born in 1986, and I have been using the internet for more than 20 years. When it comes to digital marketing, I spent almost a decade of solo hustle.

Digital marketing is a multidisciplinary profession, where you need quite a bit of different skills to achieve great results. (

Search engine optimization, digital advertising, social media management, digital marketing analytics, and graphic design & video editing is just a couple of examples.

All these skills require different talents. Therefore, most of the time, digital marketing means specialization, and ideally, you need one guy for each of the expertise.

But why is this important?

So far in my career, I have coached at least a dozen of people and worked with tons of freelance digital marketers. Do you know what’s so remarkable about them?

All digital marketers have one thing in common: they are quite smart! These digital kids are perhaps the smartest marketers that the marketing world ever faced! Let’s admit it. (Proud of us all!)

These people loaded with talent are in high demand. They can do fabulous jobs sitting on their couches. Our role can be done from anywhere, 100% remotely.

Today, for a digital marketer, it’s not a big issue to cover living expenses. They can do that only by doing Fiverr Gigs!

Also, there is no one fit for all when it comes to marketing different types of businesses, digitally. This means that the digital strategy differs dramatically from one company to another. That gives digital marketers another skill: Flexibility!

Now that we have some background on digital marketing, let’s tie it with the COVID19 pandemic we are facing!

How COVID19 affected Digital Marketers & Digital Marketing?

When COVID19 started to pick up around the globe, the world began to shut down. Travel has been restricted, schools were closed, and the majority of the businesses stopped working due to this pandemic.

There was one clear consequence of all these: we started to isolate & stay home. This is the key term in terms of marketing. Because everything shaped around people staying at home. When billions stay home, that obviously causes enormous shifts in the economy!

Digital Marketers & COVID19

Let’s start with the easy one first! What happened when digital marketers stayed home? Well, not much. We mostly continued working as usual just because we can!

Like I mentioned before, all digital marketing tasks can be done remotely 100%. There are a lot of freelance digital marketing people, working from home, and achieving great results even at regular times.

So not being able to go to the office hasn’t been a problem for digital marketers. If COVID19 has struck your industry, the times might have still been challenging.

But bottom line, we have been able to continue our daily tasks without a problem. At least this has been the case with many other internet marketers that I know and me.

Digital Marketing & COVID19

Let’s move on to our second topic. What happened in digital marketing?

Well, that depends on the sector and the digital marketing channel. Let’s take two industries that genuinely hit hard by the COVID19: Tourism and Aviation.

We know that the organic search demand has been almost disappeared here. Nevertheless, would this be a reason for SEOs in these sectors to stop working on their keywords and backlinks?

No, because SEO is not a short term investment anyways. In my opinion, SEO has been the best area to work on during the pandemic because of it’s nature. You could make so much progress in this peace.

What about social media & content marketing? Could there be a better time for a brand to interact with its target audience? I mean, people are staying home and spending time on social media. They are ready to suck up all sorts of information.

Just to create social media content COVID19 related, you need a whole bunch of guys working together. You can inform your audience about the safety measures your entity is taking and make the most out of your graphic design teams.

If you have been doing sharing posts during COVID19, you must have seen a positive change in your engagement rates. Even in the declining sectors, as people stay home and they got plenty of time. So the likelihood that they engage with your content is more.

Digital advertising might have been the only one that dropped its popularity during these times for the sectors in crisis. But wait a second.

Would you not want to distribute your “helping the community” messages to a broader audience during these times?

Well, I would! As you know, the organic reach is not that good anymore on the mainstream social media such as Facebook & Instagram. Therefore you almost always need that extra push of boosting posts recently.

Thus, there are some digital ads strategies that can be used during these times. Digital advertising costs have also been decreased due to low demand, so why not get things done cheaper?

Key Takeaways

I have always been amazed by my profession: digital marketing. I have always loved marketing, but that’s not precisely the reason.

I’m amazed because you can carry out a profession 100% remote and achieve great results. Well, maybe you are reaching your goals easier because you work remotely.

Working remote means no distractions or bureaucracy. What happens when you are not distracted? You increase your focus and get things done.

When the COVID19 pandemic slapped many industries and professions, digital marketers weren’t looking very much surprised. The “new normal” for the regular working class has been our routine working life anyways.

When we investigated individual digital marketing activities such as social media marketing, SEO, or digital advertising, we could see that all these activities can be carried out regularly during the crisis.

This crisis has digitalized the world even more, and digital marketing can only benefit from that. Let’s hope that SMEs and big corporations also see it this way.

In the upcoming months and years, perhaps organizations will rethink their workforces and start thinking outside the box when it comes to flexible working methods.

I would like to finish by saying that digital marketing & digital marketers can only grow better under COVID19 circumstances. Nevertheless, I only hope that the whole situation will come to an end soon, and we will all go back to the good old days!

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